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Shorts in the Fall Film Festival

We are excited for our short film Stalemate to be screened at the Shorts in the Fall Film Festival at the Mahoning Drive-in Theater on Saturday 10/20!

635 Seneca Rd Lehighton, Pennsylvania. 6pm. There will also be lots of great shorts on Friday 10/19.

Official Selections – Friday------------------------------------------------------- Special Co-feature ~ In The House of Madness (2018 Horror Comedy) Alice, a struggling art student, returns home to her family's sprawling estate in the countryside after a difficult semester. Soon after she arrives, strange things begin to occur. She has visions of monsters lurking in the shadows, her aunt is dragged into the basement by unknown forces, and her cousins are killed under suspicious circumstances. ~SHORTS~ (screened first) Sock Puppets Eating People Food (Puppet Comedy) The Switch (Student Film) Pool Party (Comedy) The Worst That Could Happen (Romantic Comedy) Limbo (Experimental) Death By Suspense (Comedy, Suspense) Selkie (Fantasy, Romance) L-3301 (Sci-Fi, Experimental) Triggered (Drama) Plushophilia (Comedy) Philosophy 101 (Comedy) The Lurking (Horror) The Telegraph (Silent Comedy) I’ve Always Been Here (Horror) The Gold Men (Animated) Official Selections – Saturday--------------------------------------------------- Special Co-feature ~ Demon Stone (2012 Horror Comedy) 80’s horror/comedy throwback film that tells the story of a young man named Mark. He’s terrible with the ladies (especially his best friend Ashley) and is always upstaged by his cooler younger brother. One day Mark finds an unusual looking stone buried in the woods. But soon learns it carries supernatural powers, which border on the “demonic” side. ~SHORTS~ (screened first) Midnight Sky “The Hotel Hallway” (Animation) Person - Man (Superhero Comedy) Awaken My Love (Horror) Coal (Horror) Stalemate (Fantasy) Downpour (Drama) Going to the Store (Experimental Documentary) Hammer Down (Horror Comedy, Stop Motion Animation) OPUS (Experimental, Horror) It Looked Like Snow (Thriller) Shot on 16mm Film Fat Apple (Animation) The Attic (Horror) Seafood Diet (Horror Comedy) T.S.A. (Sci-Fi Comedy) Until The Wheels Fall Off (Romantic Horror Comedy) Honorable Mention - Gator Annie (Horror Mockumentary)


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